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The First Few Weeks


Cocker Ear:

Cocker Ear is a chronic inflammation of the ear caused by the nature of your Cocker's floppy ear. If left untreated, it can create many problems and become seriously infected. However, it can be avoided by applying a mixture of boric acid, pure alcohol, coloidal silver and gentian violet.


Fleas are quite a nuisance. But they can also carry various illnesses, Parkinsons, as well as tapeworms. Most products that eliminate fleas and ticks are based on chemicals that attack the nervous system. Remember: If it kills insects, it also kills us! The safest and most effective prevention is a combination of diatomaceous earth and marigold extract, a natural pyrethin. Another new product is CAPSTAR, which is taken orally and rises to the skin, killing the fleas within a half hour. Amazon sells various sizes, as well as generic labels which are just as effective for a fraction of the price. These pills should be administered once a week until all fleas are eradicated.

Breeder Support:
What a terrible experience to run into a problem of any kind with your puppy, whether it be excessive crying, difficulty in housebreaking, puppy biting, or other unruly behavior that we associate with puppies, calling the breeder for help, and being told you're on your own, deal with it. We stand behind out puppies and are always a phone call away, no matter how long you have your pet. You can buy with confidence, knowing that you will never be left alone with a puppy you don't understand. We keep current on the latest research in canine behavior and can always offer helpful suggestions for any normal behavior that is confounding you!
Genetic Testing:
At the risk of making a lot of dedicated breeders furious, I must say that all the testing in the world will NOT GUARANTEE a healthy puppy. While it is a helpful tool in selecting parents for your puppy, it is not a solid guarantee that your puppy will never have any problems. Nothing can replace sound breeding practices, in which the breeder closely monitors the health of the parents and keeps in touch with the puppies' new owners. Any breeding between any two dogs can potentially produce a puppy with genetic defects, seen or unseen. That is why it is so important to find a breeder who will stand behind their dogs. We at Eine Kleine Kennel and Monivea Cockers try diligently to select only the best parents for our puppies. We are always a phone call away if you need us.


Ever wonder if an older dog is right for you? Perhaps you don't want to deal with the "puppy-messy" and constant care a young puppy requires. Maybe an older dog, carefully matched to you, is the right choice to make. We have several young adult and older females being offered for adoption. If you take
them without their AKC registration, there is only a minimal $150.00 adoption fee. If you want their AKC registration, we need to discuss your plans. Why do breeders sometimes offer their older dogs for adoption? Sometimes the dog isn't happy in a kennel situation. While many dogs thrive in a well-kept
environment with other dogs, some of them yearn for a home of their own. Sometimes a female doesn't want to be a mother. Having puppies is not a happy experience for her. And sometimes people grow tired of their pet, or their life situation changes, and they bring the dog back to me. An older dog
still has many years of love and companionship to offer, and treasures every moment of the "second chance" you offer her. If you are considering adoption, please inquire. I have several females available now, all healthy, up to date on their shots, and ready to meet you. Ask for pictures, a biography, and a
personality profile.


Cocker Spaniels are prone to eye irritations caused by exposure to air conditioning, open car windows, windy days, dust, allergies, etc. The list can go on and on! What is important to know is that these irritations can cause the tear glands to swell and pop out, resulting in an extremely distressing condition called "cherry eye." While it is not life-threatening or even
dangerous to your Cocker's sight, it is downright ugly. What can you do about it? I recommend that you have a sterile saline solution ( under $2.00 at Wal-Mart) for rinsing contact lenses. If your puppy shows eye irritation, redness, or excessive tearing, add 1/8 teaspoon of boric acid to a 1/4 cup of saline solution and drop it into your puppy's eyes. A few drops will be plenty.
Continue the treatment until the redness goes away. You can keep the solution at room temperature in a sealed dropper container which you can easily get at your local pharmacy. I recommend that you warm it in the microwave for a few seconds and test it before dropping it into the eyes. If the redness persists and slight swelling appears in the lower eyelid, place ONE
drop of colloidal silver in each eye. Many times this will solve the problem.

Many times dog owners are not sure whether or not they should spay or neuter their pet. They fear that their pet's personality will change or there will be mysterious problems in years to come. Nothing could be further from the truth. To put it simply. if you do not neuter your pet, Nature will become the loudest voice in his/her head. They will love you with all their great and noble hearts, but they will be obliged to follow Nature's mandates. What does this mean? It means that your female will come into heat twice a year for nine or ten years. She will mark her location inside and out. She may become incontinent before the heat cycle begins, and you will find uninvited male dogs in your yard. For the intact male, there will be aggressive behavior when their testosterone levels rise, a need to mark their territory wherever they go, and the silent directive to seek females in heat. Your dog will roam and become a
The solution is so simple. A neutered dog will have nothing to do except adore you and build his world around you. A spayed female will be freed from the bi-yearly heats, there will be no messes to clean up, and she will devote her life to being your loving companion.


Summner itch, hot spots, skin allergies, ringworm: these are some vexing problems that can affect your dog's skin. Their scratching can drive you to distraction and create lesions that can become infected with opportunistic yeast and bacterial infections. I will address ringworm in another entry, as that requires a veterinarian's diagnosis. However, there are simple remedies for the other afflictions.

All too soon we know it's coming!
It sounds funny, I know, but now is the time to prepare your family pet for the oncoming winter months. A romp in the snow is fun for everyone, but stop to consider what happens to all those funny little snowballs clinging to your pet's fur when he comes inside. They melt and unless the fur is kept closely trimmed, it will remain damp for hours. This is not healthy for your pet. The
feet should be closely trimmed, also, because long amounts of time spent with wet feet will do the same thing to your dog as it would to you: Athlete's Foot will begin to grow between his toes. Your dog's ears should be cleaned. If you have a Poodle, the ears MUST be plucked. The fur grows down into the ear canal unless it is pulled out by the groomer. This causes serious infections. Always ask your groomer to provide this service.s


This is a tremendously difficult topic. As a responsible dog owner, we should make plans for the day we have to say goodbye to our beloved companion. The pain is very real. The knowledge that we will never see our friend again for as long as we live is almost too hard to bear. But as a responsible pet owner, we must put the needs of our pet above our own emotional needs, real as they may be. I usually take a dog to the vet for that final visit when they stop eating. I have nursed sick dogs until they look at me,
silently pleading to let them go with that special look in their eyes that tells me, "it's ok to let me go." This is extremely personal between you and your dog. We know that day is coming. They just don't live as long as we do. Some people speak of a natural death, but there is no such thing. This type of demise is always filled with suffering and pain. Sometimes we condemn our dog to die piece by piece, hoping for just a few more years with him beside us. Your dog will never be far away from you. Veterinary science has made enormous strides in this area. A gentle relaxer is administered before the euthanasia. Your dog knows you are there, right up to the moment they cross that Rainbow Bridge to wait for you. I often feel my dogs surrounding me, like protective little spirits keeping me safe. Maybe I am imagining it, because it is so very hard to let them go. I have heard so many wonderful stories from people who lost their pet and who hesitate to "replace" him, but take the chance one more time. You can never replace him, he only comes through this life once. But he has created a space in your life that is now empty. His love for you is so great that he wants you to fill that emptiness with a new companion who needs a chance to love and be loved, and a friend to romp with later while they wait together for you to join them. No need to hurry, they want you to take your time. They will wait for you.


Cocker-poos are risong in popularity. These pups are a cross between a Cocker Spaniel mother and a Poodle father. Many people think they are buying a non-shedding Cocker, but this is not necessarily the case. Whenever you crosstwo breeds you get 50% of each breed in the offspring. You may get a puppy that looks like a poodle but sheds! You might get a curly-haired non-shedding puppy that looks like a fat poodle! however, most of the time you will get a lovable pet tha combines traits of both breeds. They are less prone to health issues since they are hybrids. They generally have the merry disposition of the Cocker and the trainability of a Poodle. They can be boisterous and chatty but mostly they are reflective and prudent.


Your Pet's Health